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Hint: ----- Submitted by: Janine Halsey Look for the Hoodwinks, little sparkles you need to catch they protect your coins.Avoid Clones: ------------- To avoid annoying clone/druid things that steal your money as soon as you hear the noise that signals that 1 is coming quick log off.Hint: ----- Submitted by: Chris Type 6786allworkandnoplay will give you 50 coins, & a Very Rare Insane Flaming Hoop wasabipagoda992 will give you 100 coins, & box of Exploding Whizbangs funkeystownmuseum28 will give you 75 coins, and a Chocolate Lava Lamp In code menu of options screen when you begin the game Hint: ----- Submitted by: Penelope Type this code in the options bar on the sign-in screen.You'll get 500 coins and the very rare diamond treasure chest.radicarules4565 - you get 500 coins and a very rare diamond treasure chest. RADICARULES4565 - 500 Coins and a Diamond Treasure Chest. Hint: ----- Submitted by: awells When you are in funkey town go to the sewer area and throw coins in until you see a big crocodile come out.after, u get the big crocodile hope i helped see ya!Once you have done that you need to follow the path to a gate. Then click on the holes and then the gate will open and then you get to go to the home of the pinapple king's home. Then go back to the pinapple king and then you are allowed into the tribe kalia puka pow.

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level 3: go even faster but not to fast just enough speed to get you through at a normal paste. Hint: ----- Submitted by: Matt Getting a high score on any game will let you access it from your crib, Hint: ----- Submitted by: Mickey In Magma Gorge find white things sticking out of the ground. Collect all the fossils to get a complete dinosaur structure. Hint: ----- Submitted by: kirby If u go to kelpy basin then go up to the top, youll see theis weird plant/clam thing, click on it and then u get a sea tresure, hope this helps!Hoodwink: --------- If you see a little sparkle on the ground at ANY island, click it! Put the copy on the name of recordrampage and erase the old name (but before that put a 1 or any other button because if you dont do that it will say that name alredy exists). Then rename the other game that has the original name (Museum Mask Mayhem)and put the old name(Record Rampage). How to finish: -------------- If u play funkeys and cant get past a game go to Radica Game (to find it click search my computer type the file in anyway go to games and swap the titles this will only change the score fora gem/shard.